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Welcome . . .

Hi my name is Jenn! Thank you for visiting my website.

I help young ladies and women who obsess over handwashing, cleaning, germs, and organization. I assist folx who spend a lot of time worrying about social situations, and the future.

My clients struggle as you do. Despite being motivated and successful with many other parts of their life their anxiety is hard to live with.

When they first come in, they have anxiety and/or OCD. They have past traumas that still affect them today. Many of them have physical symptoms of anxiety, teeth grinding, stress headaches, stomach aches, and muscle tension.

They worry about being away from their family members, worry about finances, their health, germs, death, education, test scores, and more.

They vacillate between leading successful lives at work, school, and college to coming home at night and spending way too much time thinking.

Their anxiety gets in the way of the life they want in so many ways. They avoid things that freak them out, increase their anxiety, and cause panic attacks. Oftentimes they avoid crowded places, trauma reminders, germs, and more.

Before they came to see me, they spent a lot of time thinking about their past traumas, and a lot of time worrying. They had obsessions and compulsions that were numerous and ruled their everyday lives. They were certain that anxiety would be with them forever.

Like my clients, you deserve to peace and happiness.

Successfully living without anxiety and the long-term effects of trauma is not out of your reach.

If you want to quiet the noise in your head, I’d love to help you get there.

Call now.  I can help.

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